Testing the BMC ICS Aero GoPro Mount Cable Cover

Testing the BMC ICS Aero GoPro Mount Cable Cover

Whenever I develop new products, I look to attract riders who'll want to try them out for me. I'll ship them a prototype version, and give them several weeks time to get acquainted with it, and find potential weak spots. This was the case for the BMC ICS Aero GoPro Mount Cable Cover too, and here are the findings of the first of my three test riders:

Eddy Lamers (NL):

"The mounting of this stem cover including GoPro style holder is very easy. Remove the original cover with two screws and then replace the new one.

Because the light, action camera or whatever you want to place is mounted under the stem, it is nicely out of the rider's view.

Fixing the equipment is very simple. With a screw or a GoPro clamp, you can easily attach the device.

It only becomes a bit more difficult if you have mounted the original BMC ICS Aero Clip-On Extensions on your BMC Timemachine. Then it all still fits fine, you need a small hex key to tighten the screw. The space between the mount and the aero bar is then limited.

But once mounted, you have a nice build and the equipment is nicely placed under the stem. That is also much sturdier than when you have mounted a bike computer and a GoPro on 1 and the same mount. It has broken down on me several times as a result.

My own testing has shown that this mount is very sturdy. While all kinds of parts of my bike broke or displaced in an extreme gravel ride, this mount didn't budge. By the way, that was the first and last time I did a gravel ride with my Timemachine Road. You do the craziest things to test a mount."