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Hinloopen.bike is the website where Hinloopen.design, a Dutch design studio founded by Jochem Hinloopen, sells its bicycle-related products.

After a fruitful decade of working as an industrial designer and 3D modeler in both the automotive and cycling industry, I've seen that often times manufacturers don't release certain products because they're expecting low sales numbers, and they won't be able to recoup the investments. This means that you, someone looking for a perfect solution, is simply out of luck. That doesn't sit right with me. I want you to have your solution, even if only 50 other people on Earth are looking for that as well. Luckily for both you and me, there have been some amazing technological advances recently, that dramatically lower up front investment costs for new products: with professional grade 3D printing.

Principally, all of my products are made to order. That's the beauty of 3D printing: no investment tooling required, no unnecessarily large stock, no warehouses required. I do however keep a small stock for several popular items, so they can be shipped to you quickly. Some rarer items will be manufactured only after your order has been placed, so you'll have to account for about a two week production lead time before your order is shipped.

3D printing is a slow manufacturing process, comparable to CNC machining. So whereas injection molded parts take less than a minute to solidify and be ejected from a mold, 3D printing requires several hours of machine run time. This is where the bulk of the costs lie: taking up time and space. This means that whereas investment costs are low, production costs are high. This is the trade-off: my products won't be cheap, my margins won't be high. But you get access to world-class Dutch design and engineering. And it's rather exclusive.

All of my products are produced by leading 3D printing services, right here in the Netherlands. They're using the best SLA machines and supplies in the business: the HP Multi-Jet Fusion machines and their PA12 thermoplastics.

Just to be clear: Hinloopen.design or any of its projects and products have no affiliation to BMC Switzerland AG, unless explicitly stated. All mentions of the name BMC, either written or in imagery, are intentioned to indicate a product's compatibility, not to hint to any affiliation. All communication on this website regarding the company BMC Switzerland AG, the brand BMC or its products, are initiated by Hinloopen.design, and are not supported by BMC Switzerland AG.

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