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Apple AirTag Saddle Rail Mount

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As people are becoming more aware of the tracking power that Apple AirTags provide, cyclists are thinking of ways to keep track of their bikes if they get stolen. Not only is it important to give the AirTag a secure mechanical connection to the bike, it's also vital to minimize detectability. If a thief recognizes an AirTag on a bike, they might either dump the bike, or remove the AirTag.

This saddle rail mount is a solution to both those problems. It's got a very secure connection to your saddle rail; it is hard to find in your saddle's shadow, and in the end, it does not at all look like it's hiding an AirTag inside. But there are more pluses!

  • Smallest possible footprint: it can't be any more compact. This maximizes saddle compatibility.
  • Can be mounted in front or behind the saddle clamp, depending on your preferred seating position.
  • It's only available in black, for that stealthy appearance.

What's in the box?

  • 1x Apple AirTag Saddle Rail Mount (2 parts; black PA12 Nylon)
  • 2x 316L stainless steel M4 hexagonal nut
  • 2x 316L stainless steel M4 x 14 mm countersunk hex bolt

Required for installation (not included)

  • 2.5 mm hex key

Be aware that although saddle rails have a standardized rail spacing, saddles have varying rail lengths, ending shapes and available room underneath. This means that there is a chance it will not fit your desired saddle, or fit in your desired location. Please make a thorough estimation on whether it will fit.

Apple AirTag not included.