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BMC ICS2 GoPro Mount Cable Cover

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This cable cover provides a great way of mounting a GoPro action camera, or device with a GoPro-style mount, underneath your BMC ICS2 stem. Not only does provide a super clean look, but for those of you who like to use a cycling computer as well as a GoPro or front light, moving one of those items to mount to this cable cover will significantly reduce the chance of your out-front mount failing.

Compared to the original part from BMC, it has a strengthened shape around the bolt hole that helps coping with the added strain of mounting a device underneath. The GoPro-style mount is constructed very far forward, to also give maximum clearance for front lights, drag measuring devices and more.

It comes in all commercially available stem lengths, so there's one for you too.

 What's in the box?

  • 1x BMC ICS2 GoPro Mount Cable Cover (black PA12 Nylon)
  • 1x 304L stainless steel M5 dome nut
  • 1x 304L stainless steel M5 x 20 mm button head hex bolt

Required for installation (not included)

  • 1x BMC cable cover bolt (holding your standard cable cover in place)
  • 3 mm hex key

Before purchasing, always take the time to physically check what your bike's stem length is. It should be written on the bottom of the stem, just behind the face plate, as you can see on these images.

Be advised that the shorter your stem is, the less real estate exists behind the mounting point to fit a long object, like a front light. On the 80 mm stem length version, a GoPro will most likely only fit whilst angled slightly upward.

GoPro action camera not included.